Modular Architecture

Extensbile Cloud-native platform based on Open Source components

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Data Services

Extensbile platform for data management, exposure, and Data Mesh scenarios

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Machine Learining and AI

Embracing the complete lifecycle of ML models, from data preparation and training to experiments tracking and model serving.

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Recent posts

Dremio Data Source Plugin for Grafana

1 minute read

A plugin for Grafana to use Dremio as a data source has been developed within the Digital Hub. Instructions on how to install it and configure it are illustr...

Scenario for data validation

12 minute read

This is a tutorial to create an environment for easy automation of a common use case: data is available at a given source and, for future processing, must be...

Validation framework tutorial

8 minute read

By combining the features of pre-existing validation and profiling libraries, as well as developing new software for additional purposes, we have created a p...

Dremio Tutorial - Visualizing Dremio Data

16 minute read

NOTE: the tutorial on creating Virtual Datasets Based on Heterogeneous Sources is a prerequisite to this one, as the following visualizations are based on th...

Azure Batch Service

6 minute read

Azure Batch service Azure Batch is a massively scalable compute platform that allows for large-scale parallel batch workloads to be run in the cloud. It offe...

Apache NiFi - What it is and how to use it

11 minute read

This article provides a guide for beginners to Apache NiFi, explaining what the software is about and guiding the user through its basic features and interfa...

Cyclotron Tutorial

17 minute read

This tutorial illustrates how to create on Cyclotron a dashboard with the following features: JSON datasources OData datasources processing and/or com...

Welcome to Digital Hub!

less than 1 minute read

This is the first post opening a series of tutorials, reports, and publications about the Digital Hub Platform, its components lessons learned, usage scenari...